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Red wines

Morellino DOCG

Impresses with its fragrant fuit and full-bodied structure. Frequently praised for its excellent quality-price ratio.

Ciliegiolo DOC

100% Ciliegiolo grape; distinctive character, full-bodied but also elegant. The nose conveys impressions of cherry, hence the name of the wine.

Prima Causa IGT

Personality, balance, naturalness, and complexity are the characteristics of this much-awarded wine. A perfect choice for special occasions.

Pugnitello IGT

Pugnitello is an autochthonous variety that was discovered only 1981 in Cinigano, southwest of Montalcino. Intense red, soft tannins and notes of ripe cherries characterize this wine suitable for aging.
Cellaring: 8-10 years. Serve at 18°C.

Avorio IGT Rosso Toscano

A traditional Italian wine displaying the force and warmth of Maremma-Toscana. Excellent value for money.

Sangiovese IGT

Produced from the Sangiovese grape, the most important variety in Tuscany. Smooth, fruity wine with elegant tannins and agreeable rounded acidity.

Privo IGT

A cuvée of Sangiovese and Alicante grapes, vinified without added sulphites; character, fragrant fruit, full-bodied and in the same time elegant.

MEZZA bottiglia

Cuvée of local grape varieties. Aged for 6 months in stainless steel tanks. Dry and fruity wine from Tuscan Maremma.

Riserva Colli dell' Uccellina

Compact and full bodied, fruity with spicy notes. A high quality Morellino.

Materia Rossa DOC

The wine Materia Rossa was born in occasion of the event Arte&Vino in Cantina. Red matter (Materia Rossa) meant as part of the land where the grapes grew up, as the red matter of the grapes themselves, as the red liquid of the wine. A smooth fruity wine with elegant tannin undertones and an agreeable rounded acidity.

Special Edition IGT

The first special edition wine from LaSelva it is “Prima Causa 2013” with an art label created by Lapo Simeoni. Every bottle is numerated and hand signed by the artist… a work of art in a bottle!