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Colli dell'Uccellina

Colli dell’Uccellina – Natural Park of Maremma


In the Southern part of the Maremma area of Tuscany, lies the “Parco Maremma” (a natural park commonly referred to as "Parco dell’Uccellina") covering 9,800 ha. Since 1998, this is where 8.7 ha of grapes are cultivated for the Cantina LaSelva. The vineyard is located at 80 m above sea level, on southern-oriented slopes not far from the sea. The vine rows are at a distance of 2.5 - 3 m, with the individual vines 0.8 m apart. The individual rows of vines are both vertical and perpendicular to the slopes. The annual rainfall is 600 mm, for very dry times, there is an emergency irrigation system.


Modern organic viticulture and the natural reserve live very well together. The vineyards here are close to the Mediterranean maquis (low brush), and there are 2 ha for growing grass, to furnish greenery to be planted between the rows. The Natural Park is a special reservation for many local and migratory birds, and there are deer, wild boars and porcupines, which must not be disturbed. Wild animals like the sweet grapes a lot. Porcupines go for the lowest grapes, which they clean up neatly, leaving only the skeleton. Boars are a bit messier, before they get to the grapes and cause damage by crushing the plants with their snouts. But in their search for water, they are also good ground care keepers. A beekeeper friend has also set here a number of beehives in the vineyard. The honey reflects the diversity of the Mediterranean flora.


Here Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals are grown. The well-known  Morellino „Colli dell’Uccellina“ di Scansano DOCG wine is made here, exclusively from grapes grown in this area.

Other neighbouring well-known wineries are Terre di Talamo (Castello di Bossi), Poggio Argentiera and Loacker.