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Magliano – a picturesque medieval Tuscan town

Our largest vineyard (12.98 ha) is situated right next to the Cantina LaSelva wine cellars, close to Magliano in Toscana. The rows of vines are on steep slopes and on plains oriented to the East, South or West, 120 m above sea level. The vineyards were planted between 2002 and 2010, the rows of vines are 2.5 m apart, and the individual vines 0.8 m apart. The rows of vines are always perpendicular to the slope.

In this vineyard grows much Mediterranean scrub, and biodiversity islands were created between the rows. Again, there are many wild animals and birds. By fencing of the plots, feeding damage has been reduced. A special feature is our own irrigation pond, which serves as a habitat for many types of animals.

 Here, the following varietals are grown: Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello, Petit Verdot, Alicante, Merlot, Vermentino.

Nearby there are many well-known wineries: Fattoria di Magliano, Mantelassi and Fattoria Le Pupille of Elisabetta Geppetti.