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 Winery capacity 3600hl stainless steel tanks

Consultant / Winemaker Attilio Pagli / Roland Krebser

Production 180.000 bottles of red wine and 20.000 bottles of white wine

Organic certification ICEA, Naturland and NOP

The culture wine

The grape is nature, wine is culture: the choice of the glass, a suitable atmosphere, the right dish to pair with a wine…. So our work as winegrowers spans both nature and culture. Thanks to our commitment, to our love for nature and its balanced ecology, through painstaking attention to the vines and to their soils, our grapes are able to yield great wines.


Our philosophy dictates that we work with the grapes during the winemaking process through utilising the expertise that we have built up over the years, without the use of useless additives, applying simple but rigorous oenological practices, and observing with fidelity and conviction the organic methods that we have used for more than 30 years now. 

We believe in, and therefore we predominantly invest in local native grape varieties, such as Vermentino, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera, and Pugnitello, grapes that have the true capability of expressing our local terroir to the fullest degree possible. We invite you to discover our grape varieties and the characteristics of the wines they make, and to let yourself be surprised by the appealing complexity of our local grapes, which we are proud to fashion into our Maremma wines. To your health!  







Morellino di Scansano

The origins of viticulture around the medieval village of Scansano date back to the time of the Etruscans. Compared to its more renowned neighbors, the vineyards of Morellino di Scansano are relatively young. It was only in 1978 that the area around Scansano received the DOC classification, and only in 2006 was it upgraded to DOCG.

With some 1,513 hectares of vineyards, the cultivated zone between the Ombrone and Albegna rivers, is a rather small area of the appellation.

In the region around Scansano, Morellino is a local synonym for Sangiovese, one of the most important and widespread red varietals in Italy.


 The name “Morellino di Scansano” goes back to an old legend, according to which the noble head of the nearby town of Grosseto toured the hills around the village of Scansano with his carriages on a shopping spree, to buy the already famous red wine of the area. The carriages were pulled by the noble black horses of the Morelli breed, and so the name of Morellino di Scansano was born.

The high quality of Morellino di Scansano is mainly due to the special microclimate of the Maremma hills. The combination of mineral, lime and clay-rich soils, with galestro and alberese soils, and the maritime influence of the Tyrrhenian coast, form the basis for an opulent and soft Morellino, with gentle tannins and a dense fruitiness.

The red wine produced in the DOCG area must be made of 85-100% Sangiovese, with up to 15% of other local varieties allowed as a blend.

At the Cantina LaSelva, we produce each year approximately 50,000 bottles of lively, fresh, clean vintages of Morellino di Scansano, which are greatly appreciated by wine lovers.



Sangiovese is one of the most famous and most varied red varietals of Italy, it means “Blood of Jupiter" a translation from the original latin name "Sanguis Jovis".

This varietal was already cultivated by the Etruscans 2500 years ago, and today, Sangiovese has become a very important varietal, and has earned its place among the most noble wine varieties in the world. Sangiovese is cultivated mainly in Tuscany and in some neighboring regions, giving birth to some of the most appreciated and popular red wines of Italy.

These include the Brunello di Montalcino, the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and probably the most famous red wine of Tuscany, Chianti. But even in the so-called super-Tuscans such as "Tignanello", Sangiovese is the basis for an excellent red wine.

Features such as easy elegant tannins and a pleasant round acidity, give rise to a smooth, fruity Sangiovese wine. Aged in wooden casks these red wines are delicate and elegant, yet very profound and powerful, bearing an intense ruby ​​red hue.

Sangiovese is an ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of foods and recipes, thanks to its multifaceted structure.